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Catering for Professionals: Business Menu Options for Your Next Corporate Event

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Catering a company event in metro Detroit is no simple task. Each of your employees has unique tastes, health needs, and dietary restrictions that affect not only how much they will enjoy different foods, but whether they can eat them at all. To meet all of these food needs, you need a caterer that has extensive experience creating corporate catering menus in Michigan. Kosch Catering has provided food for business and other complex events for more than 36 years. Operating out of Rochester, Michigan, we offer companies across the Metro Detroit area the foods they need to keep all their workers happy.

Looking for a Full Corporate Catering Menu with Options? Call Kosch!

Kosch Catering has experience with every variety of event food. From the lightest appetizers to the heaviest buffet and sit-down meals, we never hesitate to meet your specific catering requests. We provide pastries, burgers, fruit, casseroles, and countless other dining options, and are happy to cater to those who don’t eat meat, gluten, milk products, or any other specific foods. With such a vast business menu at your fingertips, you and your employees will never have trouble finding foods that you can be happy to eat.

Business Menus for Easy Eating During Meetings

Corporate Catering Menus - Michigan Corporate Events | Kosch Catering - businessWhile flavors and diets are both important to consider when choosing foods for your next corporate event, they alone do not tell you whether you have made the right choice for a business function. If the event in question is a formal meeting where employees need to pay close attention, you can’t serve messy or difficult foods. If you do, your staff will be distracted trying to eat them, causing them to miss the point of the meeting. To solve this problem, Kosch Catering offers a variety of foods that your workers can eat without any struggle or mess. From sliders to sandwiches to pastries to fries, we make sure everyone at the meeting can pay full attention to you even as they enjoy our delicious dishes.

Your Employees Deserve Delicious Food at Their Office Party, Company Outing, or Corporate Event

Corporate Catering Menus - Michigan Corporate Events | Kosch Catering - foodFrom the most formal corporate occasions to fun, casual office parties, your employees count on you to provide foods they will enjoy. Kosch Catering is committed to not letting them down. We offer a variety of delicious dining options, pulling the tastiest and most unique foods from cuisines all over the globe. We also know how to pair different dishes together and make the most of each of them. By carefully planning appetizers, main courses, desserts, and drinks, we make sure every taste you experience goes well with the others. Your employees can leave the meeting having eaten their fill of all the right flavors.

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